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Learn German online with grammar explanations and free exercises, lists of useful vocabulary, and everyday phrases for different situations. You can also work on common mistakes and improve your command of the German by learning some idiomatic expressions. Have fun!

Image of two people holding hands and the Quote by Bertolt Brecht: "Liebe ist der Wunsch, etwas zu geben, nicht zu erhalten."
Words from the same word family "die Liebe, lieben, lieb haben, der Liebling, sich verlieben, verliebt sein".
Image of flowers in a flower shop and the words "Abbreviations: z.B. = zum Beispiel, Hier gibt es viele Blumen, z.B. Rosen, Tulpen und Lilien".
Image entitled "Falsche Freunde" showing that the English word "gift" (in German "das Geschenk") is not the same as the German word "das Gift" (in English "poison").
Images showing a cork and a corkscrew and the German words "der Korken + ziehen = der Korkenzieher".
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Heute ist schönes Wetter.

Bei schönem Wetter bin ich im Garten.

Adjective Endings

Adjectives used in front of nouns have an ending: -e, -en, -er, -es, -em. But when do we use which ending? 

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