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Image of a piggy bank and showing the opposites ’Geld sparen’ and ’Geld ausgeben’.
Image illustrating false friends: English’ brief’ and German ’Brief’ and their translations.
Image of a sign that reads ’Vorsicht vor Dachlawinen und Eiszapfen’ and three examples of the word family ’vorsicht’.
Image of a teacher and showing examples of the word family ’lehr’.
Image of a torch and the words ’die Tasche’ and ’die Lampe’ that form the compound noun ’die Taschenlampe’.
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Wir haben im Restaurant gegessen.

Wir sind nach Hause gegangen.

Perfect Tense

When we talk about events in the past we usually use the perfect tense. But do you know when to use haben and when to use sein